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Our PMP certified project managers are able to provide a professional service with their extensive experience in the global field and cross-cultural environment.

In-depth industry analysis strategic suggestions based on the Market research with a vast knowledge about the business and operations in the industry.
Delivery of the best models of project and portfolio and help applying it the best way with the client organizational needs and environments

Company Profile

Major Activities Project Management
IT Consulting
Phone 03-6844-3023(Main)
Tokyo Office (Tokyo Office)
9F Bancho-heim, Niban-cho 1-1, Chiyoda-ku.Tokyo PostCode:102-0084

Project Management Team.

SCYLOG is an experienced team of project management specialists, providing end to end management and support of projects across cultural and geographical boundaries.

SCYLOG project management emphasizes the bonding of diverse cultures towards a common goal and maximizes individual and team performance in the pursuit of that goal. Our project managers ensure that the project goal is shared and supported by the team and that a governance mechanism is in place that allows a multicultural team to collaborate effectively.